Pro Staff

Richard Casey

Owner: Bassmunitions Lures

Co-angler BFL Volunteer Division
Favorite Lures:
Recon Shad, Trixster, Wild Craw, and Holston ST.
Pro Staff:
Bass Munitions Lures, Bass Soldiers, Rock Ridge Vapor


Hank Rogers AKA BassGeek 



Jason Cotton;  Odessa, Texas

Bud Light Trail
Bass Champs Trail
Bass Munitions Lures
Fitzgerald Rods
WOO! Tungsten
Bayou Bug Jigs
Favorite Bass Munitions Lures :
Trip worm, Trixter, Seeker , MACH1 craw, GT Stick, Wild Craw


 Doug Blankenship; May Texas

 Blankenship I will be 40 yo on the 16th of April I currently live in a small town called May, Texas just southeast of Abilene Texas. I actually live on Lake Brownwood. I currently fish bass champs central division and several local club tournaments. I would consider myself to be more of a finesse fisherman I really prefer to throw soft plastics versus crank baits. With my favorite bait to throw would have to be the watermelon red bass munitions trip worm on a 1/4 oz owner ultra head Shaky head. I really don’t do much other fishing besides bass fishing.

Cody Mayo

Other prostaff positions: enigma rods, grey goat lures, Woo Tungsten, and Omega Custom Tackle. I fish with the Augusta county bass club and won the championship last year.


 Jimmy Wilson; Wagener South Carolina

At a very young age, the outdoors caught my attention and I began to fish and to hunt. As a child all the way up to my adulthood, the outdoors has been a huge part of my life. After high school, I enlisted in the Air Force (1977) and served 10 years. After serving 10 years, I opened an auto repair shop in Cincinnati, Ohio. Due to health issues of cancer with my father I moved my business and self to Wagener, SC in 2003. Feeling like I wasn't done serving my country I reenlisted in 2005 to the Air Force Reserves and did 4 tours to Afghanistan and retired after another 10 years served in 2015. I am married to an amazing woman, Susan and we have 4 children. I have always loved fishing and knew it is where I am supposed to be. I feel honored and blessed to of serve my great country and now with my fishing skills, business skills and marketing repertoire, I am ready to hit the open waters and advance my career as a tournament angler, all the while continuing to honor my country and helping the Veterans and those who serve.

Sponsors: Bass Munitions Lures Nines Optics P-line Kistler Custom Rods TH Marine Products Rapala Abu Garcia Revo Humminbird MinnKota Woo Tungsten


Cameron Crider

I've fished since I was 3yrs old and am now currently a Co-Angler on the BFL Volunteer Division. 

I love fishing and helping out other anglers as much as I can. If anyone is needing any tips or tricks or just has a question feel free to DM  on Instagram and I'll help as best as I can!

Instagram: @crider.cameron

Ethan Seitz

Social Media:

Facebook: Ethan Seitz FishingYoutube: ESeitz fishing



Bass Munitions
T-H Marine
Big Bear Fishing Rods
Sack Caddy
Fishing With a Soldier
Minn Kota


Short Bio

I currently go to college in Tennessee on a 3-Year National Army ROTC Scholarship with an 8 year commitment upon graduation to serve in the Army as an officer. Lake Chickamauga is my home lake, its where I cut my teeth fishing starting in 2015 after saving up enough to buy an old '88 Dyna Trak.  I have a drive to end up in the Bassmaster Elite series one day after my service in the military. 


Abigail Ison “Abby”

Social Media:
Facebook @AbbyIson419
Instagram abby.fishing419

Bass Munitions Lures

Biography :
I have literally been fishing since I was big enough to hold a fishing rod. A story my Mom loves
to tell, is how I actually cut my first tooth in my great-grandfather’s bass boat chewing on a piece
of beef jerky. In my family, fishing has became a legacy passed down from my Great-Grandpa
Newman, who loved to bluegill fish. It continued with my Papa Larry who spent countless hours
researching and creating baits to become a successful Bass fisherman. Then to my Dad who
spent countless hours teaching my brother and I how to fish and sharing with us his love and
passion for the outdoors. My Dad taught me years ago how to tie on my own hooks by removing
the trebles from an old crank bait and letting me practice with it. In my family, time spent
fishing has always been family time. That time now includes lots of tournament prep and travel,
as I am in the middle of my second season fishing for the Perry County Central Commodores. I
am very blessed to have a family who loves and supports me every step of the way.

Favorite Bass Munitions Lures:
Recon Shad
Wild Craw


Ty House ; Castlewood, Va

Ty House

Favorite Fishing locations: Mostly
Tennessee lakes, Virginia Lakes and Alabama. Anywhere Bass swim.
Favorite techniques: Offshore Structure fishing 
Favorite lures: Swimbait, Shakey Head and a Jig
Bio: Bassmunitions pro staff,  Instagram- house_nate, Facebook- Ty House Fishing, youtube channel- Ty House Fishing
Brad Raines 
Brad Raines
I was born and raised in the mountains of West Virginia trout fishing. When I was around 10, my aunt and uncle bought a little place on Lake Gaston. I can still remember the first bass from his boat to this day. From that point on, I was hooked. I moved to Waynesboro in 2009. Now, I cant get on the water enough! 21ft bass boat, kayak, john boat, bank fishing, it doesn't matter. The tug is my drug. 
Other Pro Staff positions include Bob's up the creek outfitters, Woo! Tungsten, and Ardent.

Carrie Dean

Carrie Dean


My name is Carrie Dean,

I am a 43 year old mom of 5 boys and we reside in Humble, Texas

I am also a college student and currently trying to obtain my Paramedic.

I begin fishing at the age of 8 years old fishing for brim and bass out of my grandparents pond with a cane pole.

Caught my first fish at the age of 8 and have been hooked ever since.

That’s how we spent quality time with our grandparents was by fishing.

My kiddos dad got me into fishing the McDonalds Big Bass Splash and  I have fished it a  little over 20 years now.

I fish it every year with my kiddos and my husband now, Eric Bland also fishes the tournaments with me.


Bass Munitions Lures


Facebook: Carrie Dean Bland

Instagram: Carrie_Dean_Bland

Snapchat: Carrie Dean Bland (sugerb)


Wayne Middleton

Wayne Middleton


I'm a fishing crazy ex-pat Brit whose taking on America's sport fishing darling, THE BASS! I eat, sleep, and drink fishing. If I'm not fishing, I'm thinking about fishing, dreaming about fishing or watch fishing. A moment of madness perhaps, or just missing being at the waters edge, rod in hand, waving it around like some half crazed lunatic in a baseball cap. Join me as I attempt to catch bass from land, water, or using dynamite. I promise this is going to be fun!

Social Media:

Instagram: @britishbassslammer

Twitter: @BassSlammer


Facebook: BBSlammer